Variable Speed

18 to 20 seer variable speed indoor with variable speed out door compressors. These systems offer warmer and move even heat in the winter and better dehumidification and more even cooling in the summers. Variable speed compressor offer heating and cooling on what the load actually demands. For example a house that needs 3 tons of cooling on a 95 degree day may only need one half tons of cooling on a 75 degree temp day. Variable speed compressor will do just that which makes the system not only more efficient and cost less to operate but will cool or heat the home more evenly which in turn makes the customer more comfortable. We also offer 95% plus two stage variable speed gas furnaces. This means that less than 5 cent out of every dollar you speed in gas is wasted, the other 95 cent you spend you get as heat. Match this furnace with an 18 or higher seer heat pump and you will not only have one of the most efficient systems on the market but you will also be going “Green” using digital programmable thermostats, which will also save the home owner money.

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